Image Use

At Beyond the Point, we have been photographing historic structures for well over a decade and we are personally dedicated to the long-term archiving of every photograph we take and the footage that we film for posterity. This means that we keep full-resolution copies of every image that appears on the website, as well as the full albums of photographs we take that do not all get uploaded. Given the effort we put into photographing the places we visit, we want to ensure they have as much value as possible, not just to ourselves but to others.

We welcome the use of our images, especially for local historical purposes, and usually accommodate most requests however we ask you to please contact us at [email protected], stating what images you require and your intentions. We will then be in touch with reasonable rates for licensing their usage. Please note that our photos, articles or video footage should not be used without prior written permission from us.

We can also provide the use of footage too if we have filmed at the location. Like our photographs, what appears on the website is only a small fraction of what we keep, so please drop us an enquiry if you are not sure if we have what you want.

We can also provide photography/videography services of historic structures we have not already covered. We will always willingly document places voluntarily if you are happy to show us around or provide us with access, and in return can provide you with our images. Whether we would charge a fee would depend upon if the place is deemed to be of suitable historical interest to us, and how much commercial potential this might have.

Additionally, we can offer our own printing services of our photographs up to A3 in size, or outsource an order of larger prints. If there is an image you see on our website of a place with significance to you, we can provide you with a framed print. Again, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.