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Posted: June 20, 2012 by BTP Liam in Website Update

Welcome To Beyond the Point

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Beyond the Point is an award winning organisation based on Canvey Island, dedicated to BTP Joe and Liam exploring and researching historical remains mainly in South Essex, but spanning as far as London and Kent. Ranging from everything from Medieval castles to nuclear bunkers, we follow our goal to enlighten you on the usually skimmed-over parts of local history.  In strong co-operation with local archives and museums, Beyond the Point compliments the work from archivists within the area, receiving views from all over the world. We bring the past into the 21st Century via YouTube documentaries found in our articles.

To start discovering, mouse over ‘Local Heritage’, ‘Interactive Map’, or ‘General History’ along the top menu to navigate our articles, photographs, and documentaries. Scroll down to see our latest additions to the site. Photo Albums Here

Wow, a lot of tags!! “Canvey, our little Thames town” is probably going to be the most iconic BTP words that you’ll ever hear! On June 3rd 2012 Liam and I will be down the sea front as part of the Town Council Diamond Jubilee event. The event is  a giant picnic event, where everyone can bring a bite to eat, or visit the local food shops and sit down and listen to the band music play! With confirmation from the various choirs, it’s guaranteed to be a great day out for all the family! The event times are 1pm until 6pm and it’s being organised by the town council; Geraldine Vallis in particular. But wait… gets even better!! Beyond the Point will be there! We could say it in posh terms “Visit our exclusive one off, road show!!” We will be in the heritage marquee promoting the website and the work that we do with our own stall which will feature a selection of our top finds (including the Stephens Inks thermometer), our best pictures, and an exclusive DVD which can only be purchased there and then! For all of our budding BTP readers, you can keep an eye on our countdown to the left <<<

Canvey Island Documentary DVD by


With 20+ copies available, make sure you get one! Titled “Canvey Island – A comprehensive documentary” this documentary DVD will feature information, interviews and images from Canvey Island throughout the ages! This 1 hour (approx) DVD will be on sale for £4.99 and it has been filmed in full High Definition! We haven’t done any BTP visits over the past couple of months as we’ve been out every weekend filming this and this weekend will be the last, with Liam just needing to do a final interview! We’ve been all over the island and after hours of filming and editing it will finally be ready! You can view the trailer below! You can also keep up with us via Twitter and Facebook!

That’s all from us, make sure you visit us on the day!

Get your DVD!!

Yes, the big round number, 10,000, is how many website views that Beyond the Point has received since it’s launch 9 months ago! It’s extremely re-assuring and encouraging for us to know that people like the content that we are writing about. We have received fantastic support from local magazines such as ‘Love Canvey‘ and ‘Your Canvey‘, local historical groups such as the Canvey Community Archive and The Bay Museum and also local organizations that have helped support BTP by displaying our posters in their shop windows. In the past 30 days alone we’ve had close to 1,500 views with the most views from the UK, USA, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Philippines and Turkey.  All of the locations that we’ve had visitors from are:

United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Russian Federation, Brazil, India, Peru, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Nepal, Honduras, Tunisia, Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Venezuela, Italy, Bangladesh, Belgium, New Zealand, Ghana, Denmark, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Czech Republic, Spain and Bulgaria!

Liam and I have posted a combination of 77 posts (including this one) with the content ranging from new releases and site news to adventures out and about! Since we started with our domain name we’ve bought a new domain, introduced a shop, YouTube channel, Facebook pages e.t.c We’ve got some great plans coming up this year especially for our BTP birthday on July 17th. We’re currently in the process of filming a documentary about the past, present and future of Canvey Island. This feature length full HD video will include interviews from local residents who have lived through an engaging time. A preview will be put on Beyond the Point TV on July 17th to mark our 1st birthday and the video will be sold for a small cost which will contribute towards new equipment and website maintenance.

However before the documentary you’ll have to make do with an action packed trailer for out next monster film. With amazing special effects provided by BM Effects, Beyond the Point brings to you, an exciting high definition look at what’s coming up later this year. The promo is being released to mark BTP hitting 10,000 website views!

Once again, thank you for liking and supporting Beyond the Point. Happy Easter!

We are always looking for ways to make Beyond the Point better and we have a few plans up our sleeve for the upcoming months, but our latest addition to BTP is our brand new online shop!

Liam and I have been busy this weekend setting the shop up! We signed up to the Amazon Associates Program, allowing us to set up the shop but the beauty of it is; that we don’t have to have any products to sell. The scheme works by BTP Liam and I adding products that other companies are currently selling on amazon. This is classed as advertising and therefore we get a small percentage of the money from the items that we sell. The money that we get (it’s not much, around 10%), goes towards running this site and maintaining and purchasing equipment. As we get to choose the products in our store, we only choose the best products. These can range from books to coats to metal detecting equipment. We’ve created a new section in the forum, where we will post a ‘product of the month’, a product that we highly recommend! Why not visit the shop today from the comfort of your own home?

Click the image below to visit our shop.

Beyond the Point eShop

A few weeks ago me and Joe took a tape-measure to Canvey Island’s last remaining pillbox, as we plan to make some scale models of it in a variety of mediums. You can see and read about the pillbox here With my modelling and pro miniature painting skills, and BTP Joe’s lego enthusiasm and woodworking tools and experience, we hope to start preserving these soon-to-be-gone historical structures in miniature versions, which will last allot longer – hopefully! Here is a rather nice document I drew up on ‘Paint’ of our findings:


If you’re interested in placing an advert on the site or sponsoring us we need to talk.

Beyond the Point is currently looking into sponsorship and advertisement to help fund and maintain the website. Running the website, buying new exploration equipment and clothing is very expensive and we want to continue this line of work as the local community support and website visitor statistics have been extremely reassuring. There are limited spaces as we don’t want our website covered in ads however we are keen to work alongside companies and key partners that are associated with our type of work. By sponsoring us you will get your logo put on the site under ‘sponsors’ and you can contribute an amount of your choice. You will also get your advert on our forum.. If you would like to place an advert on the site or sponsor us the same rules apply but the costs will vary. There a few points that you might want to consider:

  • We have re-assuring website traffic statistics of which our all time maximum is continuing to rise.
  • We have some key contacts with other related forums and websites.
  • Our site has been heavily publicized including adverts/links in national forums and local magazines.

If you would like to contribute towards the costs of running the site or you would like to enquire about advertisements please contact us using the contact form under General Inquiries and we’ll get back to you with the required information.